Who We Are

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Trust cares for the site of Ardnamurchan Lighthouse on behalf of our local community

Founded in 1996, we are a small charity who have successfully managed the lighthouse complex as a social enterprise and visitor attraction for 25 years.

Our organisation comprises a Board of voluntary Trustees (all of whom are resident in and representative of our local community), a permanent Manager, a grant-funded Project Manager, three seasonal employees and a Membership of sixty local residents.

In summer 2020, the Trust opened an exciting new chapter in our history when the site officially entered into community ownership. This step has empowered our community to offer an authentic and sustainable experience for visitors to the lighthouse, which keeps the interests of local people at its heart.

The transformation of the lighthouse complex into a world-class heritage attraction (while acting to preserve the site’s special character and unique atmosphere) will support local businesses and the families that depend on them by strengthening Ardnamurchan’s reputation as a visitor destination. This action will also expand economic and social opportunities for the people living here.

Our work to regenerate the lighthouse complex under community ownership will make a positive contribution to our community by:

  • Uplifting the site’s appearance, guest experience and financial resilience
  • Expanding opportunities for volunteering, education and direct employment at the lighthouse complex
  • Encouraging even greater use of this site by local residents to make West Ardnamurchan a more stimulating, attractive and healthy place to live
  • Locking-in substantial outside investment to deliver on our community’s strong mandate for infrastructure improvement at the lighthouse complex
  • Providing a springboard for the improved management of tourism by local people, increased self-reliance as our community seeks to control local resources, and a greater sense of pride in our community’s heritage and identity

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Trust Ltd is a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee.
Registered Charity Number: SC025610. Registered Company Number: SC170704.

Image © Stephanie Cope