COVID-19 Information

Keeping everyone safe

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Trust take our responsibility to our guests, personnel and community very seriously. We have taken steps to assess and minimise, as far as possible, the risk of COVID-19 transmission on our site.

In return we ask that our guests adhere to the Visitor Charter (available here and displayed at the Stables Coffee Shop).


To protect our guests and our personnel, we have made changes to how you are served:

  • Ensure that you are wearing a face covering before you enter the building.
  • Only use the door marked ‘ENTRANCE’ and sanitise your hands as you enter.
  • Maintain social distancing with other guests and with our personnel. Floor markings have been installed to help you.
  • A one-way system will take you past our service counter. This area is screened with Perspex.
  • If possible, make payment using your debit or credit card. This minimises the handling of cash, which is a potential transmission risk.
  • If you plan to sit inside, proceed past the counter to the indoor seating area.
  • If you sit inside, you are required to leave ONE set of contact details for your party to support Test and Protect. All details are destroyed after three weeks.
  • If you intend to sit outside, use the door marked ‘EXIT’ and turn right.
  • You will find hand sanitiser points around the coffee shop. Use these as required.


  • Maintain social distancing with other guests and with our personnel.
  • Sanitise your hands as you enter the toilet area.
  • Minimise the touching of surfaces within the toilet cubicle.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before exiting your cubicle.
  • Sanitise your hands as you leave the toilet area.