Community Ownership

Ardnamurchan Lighthouse has a long and distinguished history of safeguarding mariners off Scotland’s wild west coast. The site has changed hands several times since its completion in 1849; most recently being in the possession of The Highland Council.

In summer 2020, the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse complex entered a new and exciting chapter under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Trust, which comprises a dedicated group of local volunteer Trustees and two staff members, purchased the lighthouse complex on behalf of Ardnamurchan’s residents. Now, our team is charged with ensuring this landmark’s future remains as elegant, as intriguing, and as relevant to West Coast people as its past.

The site and associated buildings will be owned and managed by the Trust on behalf of our community. The lighthouse tower, which is still operational, remains the property of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

Our community buy-out was made possible with generous support from the Scottish Land Fund, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and The Highland Council.

As the Trust take on the challenge of protecting and enhancing the lighthouse complex, we look forward to collaborating with heritage partners, interest groups, and most importantly local people.
The following outcomes, delivered through the enhancement of the guest experience at the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse complex, all formed arguments central to the site’s transferal into community ownership:

  • The delivery of local benefit by expanding opportunities for recreation, learning, and employment
  • The delivery of local benefit by up-scaling volunteering and engagement activities
  • The building of capacity and resilience in our remote rural community
  • The buttressing of local economic growth to help our community thrive

Ambitious plans are afoot, and we have a long journey ahead. But rest assured that the site’s appearance and amenities will be upgraded sensitively, in a way that does not detract from the untamed beauty of this magnificent and well-loved place.